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Once upon a summer: celebrities’ most memorable holidays

Last year, rock band Thunder invited me and my wife, Lil, on a two-week charity motorcycle ride. They’ve done this for the past six years: it is open to anyone – you just have to cover your costs and guarantee to raise £1,000 for Childline Rocks. There were about 40 of us – on bikes provided by Harley Davidson. There were people from all walks of life: some retired, two ex-SAS members, a young couple (she was pregnant), and an Irish orthopaedic surgeon who kept getting lost.

We landed in Vancouver and rode across British Columbia, through the Rocky Mountains to Calgary – a fair old trek, but it was wonderful. You cover around 100 miles a day, over six or seven hours. If you didn’t want to ride a bike, there were a couple of open-top Mustangs, too. You get to wear bandanas and leather waistcoats. It’s quite rock’n’roll really. Johnnie Allen, Iron Maiden’s tour manager, drove a van with all our luggage in. We stayed in humble places, and hit a local bar each night for a sing-song. Going through the redwood forests was the most spectacular motorcycling. This year, Si [King, the other half of the Hairy Bikers] is coming too.

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